Free Resources

Chris Sherrod has compiled a list of free resources. Review, enjoy and come back often as we are always adding new resources.

Many years ago a colleague recommended I read Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged to start off with my study of prosperity. It’s a very thick book but it easily explained why entrepreneurs are the life blood of the world.

Then I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and found it very helpful, I liked Cashflow Quadrant a bit better. If you already know why you want to do your own business then skipping this book is fine.

After a number of years with no real great success and reading many books I went to a seminar and meet Fredrick Lehrman and won his audio course Prosperity Consciousness. His program is fantastic and I started using some of his processes right away. I started seeing opportunity everywhere. Then a little while later a colleague of mine recommended Abraham-Hicks so I got there book Ask And It Is Given and I loved the processes. I used the money processes and could see them working.

I started to get more into marketing as I learned that many entrepreneurs are in charge of marketing for their company. Then Joe Vitale had a very special dinner with Dr. Len Hew and I went with a colleague in real estate. After the very nice dinner and talk the lady I went with and I started dating, I didn’t get home to 5am. Nancy and I are still together and very much in love. My story is in Joe’s book Zero Limits on page 101.

Then the movie The Secret came out. I bought it as soon as it was available, the version with Abraham-Hicks in it before they got edited out. The movie floored me, I was speechless watching it. Very well done. The new version is also good.

I then started this website and I write about prosperity and abundance. I write every week day. I also create products based on what works for me to increase my abundance.

I wrote a book Play Prosperity Games that took law of attraction and creativity and my system of how to come up with new business ideas based on what you love and it was well received. See a full list of all my products.

I’ve used contractors for technical work for years but The Four Hour Work Week showed me that I needed a virtual assistant right away. I hired one a few days later. Then went on a two month vacation to Europe (photos on Flickr).

I use Getting Things Done using Google tools to keep on track stress free. GTD is a great organization system that is flexible and easy to do.

After a few horrible marketing seminars I learned about Book Yourself Solid and I found Michael Port’s workbook for his book to be excellent. I also learned a lot about sales copy from Joe Vitale’s book Hypnotic Writing.

I produce a video series called The Prosperity Minute that gives quick one minute prosperity and abundance tips.

Then Nancy and I purchased Nitro Marketing System and we’ve been very happy with the course on Internet Marketing. I found it very similar to Book Yourself Solid but with much more depth (it’s an entire box full of audio and video). Well worth the money. I recommend Kick Start Cart for a shopping cart and Aweber is you just need an autoresponder.

I use the Spiritual Cinema Circle to keep uplifted. The movies every month are some of the best that I’ve seen. I keep fit with yoga on my iPod and I listen to uplifting music, some of which are available at Prosperity Tunes. I use Meditation Moments by Nan Akasha for my meditations and find them very soothing.