Free 30 minute consultation

I was doing a free 30 minute consultation with a lady yesterday.  She had me look at her sales website and her marketing funnel.  I made several suggestions on how to tweak her website.  Plus some tips on how to get some traffic.

One of the tips was to turn off Google Adwords.  If your website isn’t converting then spending money on Adwords isn’t going to help.

And I had her turn her frustration of a competitor into a real marketing advantage.  She went from dreading to look at his website to wanting to look at his website to get her next big marketing challenge.  If someone is marketing something in your niche and lying about something you can use that to your advantage and market why that isn’t true and state the facts.  Don’t use names of course and be nice but speak out for what you think is right.

She was stuck and now she has a great next action item checklist.

Are you stuck?  Do you know what to do next?  If so give my free 30 minute consultation a spin.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.