Following up and massages

By 2008-05-22 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

I just landed a big webmastering client yesterday.  It took a month of follow up.  For a big client regular follow up is essential.  If they are so busy they can’t take the time to send you an email then they need your help a lot.  After a few phone calls and emails and not really moving forward I set up a physical meeting.  I had to drive 90 minutes one way to get to it but I wanted the client.  It was well worth it.

This type of follow up is great for the right type of client.  You need to determine that in the beginning.  I’ve had other potential clients were any more follow up over three calls is not worth my time.  Create or update your business plan for the type of clients you want.  I want little clients all the way to big clients.  I’ve been creating websites since 1995 and I’ve learned that little clients turn into big clients and some big clients go out of business.  Having a diverse group is best.  Also, it’s fun to see clients grow and add features to their website.  When they add a support ticket system or team Intranet site that says a lot about their business.  It says they are successful and I was a part of that.

After the great meeting I went to have a massage.  I had one the day before but this one was unique.  It was a birthday present from a client Jessie Dingler.  She does a European Lymphatic massage.  Wow, I zoned out quickly and throughly enjoyed an hour of bliss.  Jessie knows how to give a great massage.  After a 15 minute recovery to get back into my body I was off back home and to support my Nan who had a preview call for her upcoming teleseminar The Spirit of Money.

A good day.