Exit Email Hell

My system is a almost like Mark’s. Great advice on how to handle email.

You’ll need one email box for personal friends and family. Give that one out to … you guessed it.

You’ll need one for general business contacts. You give this one out to potential contacts you meet via your business card, your website, etc. (Tip: you should use a contact form or otherwise protect your address from spam-bots.) If you’re like me you’ll have someone else monitor this box for you and only send you stuff that’s important.

You’ll need a third box for “close” business contacts. These are people you work with daily, extremely important contacts, “mission critical” notifications (like the ones you get from Simpleology – hey, when you read us you get more time back than you put in), etc. You can “promote” certain people to this email box as needed.

You’ll need a fourth box that you use to “sign up for free stuff.” Every time you subscribe to a newsletter you’ll use this address.

You’ll need a fifth and final box for making online purchases. You guessed it … Buy stuff – use this address.

Simpleology Blog: Exit Email Hell in 3 Steps