Email frequency: can you increase it safely?

It’s not very well known that even big online email marketers are having their email subscription numbers staying pretty flat.  Not much growth.

This excellent article about 1) how much email you send compared to how much money you make, 2) what consumers say is too much email and 3) how frequency is tied to value is worth the read.

Many people complain about getting too much email and will unsubscribe from too many in a heartbeat.  And everyone’s limit is different on your list so you won’t be able to please everyone.  But, if you make your emails valuable by using relevancy, targeting and segmentation you can increase frequency.

Then the tactics he outlines are fantastic.  Everything from specials, benefit emails, extras in same email with sidebar promotions, seasonal, giving people the choice to join more heavy frequency email list will increase your subscriber rate and provide your customers with more value at just the right rate for them.

Check out all the details and the graphics at Email frequency: can you increase it safely?