As I was waiting for my massage therapist get ready today I was looking at a magazine, I don”t remember the name.  But, it was entirely about relaxing and enjoying life.  One article was about a group trying to get the USA to have three week vacations as standard from employers.  I know my friends in Europe think that Americans are nuts working so much.  Americans take less and less vacation every year.  Most tour companies are now having to provide one week tours to meet the demand of short term Americans.

My massage was fantastic and I lazily made my way online casino home blissed out.  Later in the day I went to my gym.  I”m riding a stationary bike and notice that everyone is staring at the bazillion TVs everywhere.  It is hard to not look at them as they are in front of everything.  People are mindlessly working out and starting at TVs.  It was a surreal experience for me to see a bunch of robots not interacting with anyone.  They were totally distracted.

People are distracted throughout life and then wonder what happened.  I find staying in the moment and appreciating everything as life moves keeps me centered.  I”m happy noticing people, saying hi, appreciating nature and having fun.  Life is good.  Life is fun and I notice that more when I got rid of the distractions.