Creating Weath and Prosperity the Easy Way!

By 2007-02-06 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada
[excerpt]In order to become successful you have to feel successful. You can’t become what you don’t think you can become.

Jane Abram a talk show host in Los Angeles, California USA just posted a great article about this.

When YOU decide to begin your search for intelligent and workable principles for creating and living a wealthier and more prosperous life, you have taken a major step toward obtaining it—the EASY way. For it is a great Universal Law that ‘thoughts are things and that YOUR thoughts create your reality.’ Simply said, you are the architect of your life and when you begin to tap into this great power of mind that we all possess, you will begin to draw things like health, wealth and prosperity to you like magnets. You attract what you are and whatever comes to us, comes because of what we believe, think, desire and imagine.


Every person has these sames tools of mind and everyone is using them all the time whether they realize it or not. Ask yourself right now what kind of life are you building for yourself? A poor life or a magnificent life? It is up to you!

Good things come to us when we have the consciousness that attracts fortune, fame, love and wealth. Your thoughts MUST be in alignment with wealth and abundance in order to attract and experience it in your life. As you know, ‘water seeks its own level’ and it is exactly the same with our thoughts. You must be completely in harmony with wealth…that it is good and that you are deserving of it…to have it in your life. It IS really that simple. Like attracts like. It is also very important to know that abundance, prosperity and success are NORMAL and NATURAL and that we are here to prosper in every area of our lives. There is no virtue in poverty and there is absolutely no virtue in suffering. There’s a great statement which says: “There are no victims, only volunteers!”

If you are seeing and experiencing lack and limitation in your life right now, you can make a decision in one pivotal moment to turn your life around, but you must change your thoughts to do that. Our thoughts and beliefs are just habitiual thoughts and beliefs and they CAN be changed, but it is a process and you must make the decision and commitment to do so. When you do that, your self-discipline coupled with your willpower, will be the difference between a wish and a reality toward your goal. We do not merely ‘wish’ for a better, more prosperous life, we CHOOSE to make it a reality. THIS is a life worth living because it’s a much bigger life, a more self-directed life, and a life where we can manifest everything we have always dreamed of. Choose this for yourself TODAY and get into the mindset of, “I CAN and I WILL” today and everyday and make it your mantra!

Read the entire article at her website.