Boost Your Success Intelligence!

Virgin, Body Shop and many other companies use Success Intelligence by Dr. Robert Holden. And you know how much a fan I am of Virgin and Richard Branson.

Success Intelligence landmark book reveals the timeless  principles and exercises that will help you enjoy more real, soulful success in every area of your life.  Increase your capacity for success in your life, work and relationships.

Key themes include:

Remember what’s Real!
“… in a world full of front-page news, fast-tracked careers, designer clothing and tragic sports results, you have to remember what is real,” writes Robert Holden. Success Intelligence is a powerful meditation on ‘What is success?’ that enables greater joy and more meaningful success.

Find your Sense of Direction
“… the Monty Python  comedy sketch: 100 Yards Dash for People with No Sense of Direction offers a perfect metaphor for our mad-dash world,” writes Robert.  Success Intelligence is written with great humor and warmth. It is an invaluable guide for living in a manic society and a busy generation – where people are often too busy chasing success to be truly happy.

Unblock Yourself
“Success is not about driving yourself harder; it is about letting go of what blocks your heart,” writes Robert Holden.   Success Intelligence focuses on 1) IQ – the wisdom of your mind;
2) EQ – the wisdom of your heart; and 3) SQ (spiritual intelligence) – the wisdom of your soul.  It features 30 powerful  coaching lessons for balancing speed and vision, busyness and inspiration, adrenalin and joy.

The Joy of Success
“…if your definition of success has little or no measure of love in it, get another definition,” writes Robert Holden.  Success Intelligence challenges you to measure your success using timeless values such as love and courage, friendship and service.  The real “joy of success” is to know that your success benefits others.  Your success is your gift to the world.

Success Intelligence

If it works for Richard Branson what do you think it will work for you?