A Strong Brand Gives Your Customers Confidence

A strong brand gives customers confidence – and leads to higher prices and higher demand. That’s the great thing about building a business based on quality and integrity. It will sell itself.

With a strong and consistent brand your audience knows what you stand for. They understand what you do and they know that you are striving to be the best.

Here are five items you can do to increase your customers confidence.

1. You

First, let your audience know who you are. People like to buy from people. Subway hired a spokesperson to make them personable. I don’t know how many websites I’ve seen where the owner’s picture was no where to be seen. Be your own spokesperson. Get out there. If it worked for Richard Branson it’ll work for you.

2. Voice

Don’t sound like everybody else. Use your unique voice. A little contriversy goes a long way too. Speak your mind. You can’t please everyone. Don’t even try. I would rather have an audience that is interested in what I say than an audience that I don’t offend. Be personable. Speak your mind. And have fun with it.

3. Social Proof

A third way to build confidence in your audience is to have testimonials from 3rd parties. Have social proof that you are good at what you do is gold. It’s good if you have proven it with yourself of course, but 3rd parties proof is the best. Get video of a happy client at the peak of their happiness. I have doctor clients that get video testimonials right after treatment. The client is super happy and it shows on the video. Of course written testimonials with pictures are good as well and you should ask every client for them.

Also if you are on in a book or your own book, or on a big radio or TV show, show that off. I easily book radio shows now that I’ve been on CNN radio twice. Show off your trust icons, logos of the books and media you’ve been on. Those trust icons will make your audience feel good about you. I’ve heard, “If CNN had you on then you’re definitely good enough to be on my show”. Toot your own horn by showing off what you’ve done.

4. Free Stuff

A fourth way to build confidence in your audience is to give away free stuff. This blog is an example of that. Also a free video or e-book when they subscribe to your newsletter list works great. Provide really good information. Be your best. People like to kick the tires and try you out before buying what you have. Have free content is a great lead into to the rest of your products.

5. Honesty

I think the most important way to build confidence in your audience is to be honest. Be honest in your products and marketing. Your quality will go viral if you’re honest about what you offer. If you offer bad products or services that will spread rapidly on social media and the Internet in general. People talk. Whether you like it or not.

If you would like help branding, launching your book and getting massive exposure contact us, we love helping people get their passionate message out into the world.