A School Breaking All The Rules

Have you noticed that entrepreneurs break the rules?  How many stories of people dropping out of school and making it big in business have you heard?  Bill Gates and Richard Branson are just some off the top of my head.

Here is a school in the UK that is very open and free.  Yet the students test above the national average.  The strict prison like schools produce students that are not as adult and robot like.  This school and ones like it around the world produce clear thinking, intelligent, creative individuals who will contribute to themselves and society.

It has been called the school where almost anything goes. Summerhill – where, famously, pupils are not obliged to go to lessons if they don’t feel like it – has been characterised as everything from a version of Lord of the Flies to a 21st-century answer to Lindsay Anderson’s If Critics perceive it as some hopelessly misguided, impossibly idealistic, hippyish experiment doomed to failure. So why does this small school with a mere 78 pupils and 17 staff provoke so much hostility?

A School Breaking All The Rules (from The Herald )

Summerhill School website