Fabulous Birthday Weekend

By 2008-04-28 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

I”m just back from my Austin Birthday Weekend. It was fantastic. My Nan planned the most awesome weekend possible. We first went to the Hotel that we had our first date. Nan and I meet thru Real Estate and I invited her to a talk that Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Len gave back in February 2006 at the Hyatt Regency. I”m glad Suzanne Burns Joe”s personal assistant and Joe picked such a nice hotel.

Even before getting to the hotel we stopped at a day spa for the couples bliss treatment. Two hours of both of us being pampered. Wow, great day spa Viva Day Spa. Sauna, massage, and a bunch of fancy names for stuff I have never heard of of.  Blissful.  Highly recommended.

View from roomThen we drove to the Hyatt Regency hotel and collapsed on the bed so relaxed. Then after a nice relaxing movie we had strawberries and chocolate delivered, some snacks and tequila shots. Spread out over three hours. Nan had planned the delivery schedule. That was fun.

We had a fantastic view of downtown Austin. Best in town I believe. It was a lot of fun to just watch the view from the bed.

20080428_0614Friday night we had dinner at Mars a fancy fusion restaurant with a lot of red lighting. Sebastian our taxi driver didn”t have change for our $20 so we got his number and had him pick us up after dinner. Good thing because it as raining and others were waiting for a taxi. Good tip for travelers that we have used many times is getting the drivers mobile number and call them directly. Makes getting a taxi real easy. We did that in Panama a couple of years and got to really know the driver very well. It”s fun and they tend to get more business themselves this way.

20080428_0559 Saturday my birthday was spent in bed and by the pool. Then to my official birthday party dinner at Roy”s a Hawaiian fusion restaurant. The drinks and food were exceptional. And the service was unreal. The best I”ve ever had. Our host was RC like the cola as he said. When you asked him what a fish dkonlinecasinos.com was like he would give you a description that took two minutes. He had some custom drinks and food made and would go to the bartender and chef and fully describe what we wanted. I had a custom made hurricane made. I got the last albino salmon main course. Delicious. The creme brule was excellent almost as good as the finest restaurants in Paris. It was fun to tell RC that he was the best host I”ve ever had. Go to Roy”s and ask for RC, he”s the best.

20080428_0551Some of the late nighters went to the Elephant Room for some jazz. Great jazz. Fun time. Soon it was just Nan and I and we enjoyed the jazz into the early morning.

Sunday was most recovering with sleep and visiting a couple of my favorite stores in Austin. Book People, REI and WholeFoods for a nice organic salad.

Back in San Antonio we had dinner with some friends that we introduced last year and who are in love. So much so that he got a job in Manchester UK to be with her as she is British and only can visit for a few months at a time. He”s moving and we are going to miss seeing our friend on a regular basis. We hope they can visit us in France this summer during our home exchanges. Just a short high speed train ride away.

Thank you everyone for the presents and the good times. I appreciate everyone”s time. Thank you Nan was planning an awesome weekend. It was really great.  Here are some more photos I took over the weekend.

Nat and Mike Mike Glenn, Natasha Hewitt, Nan Akasha, Chris Sherrod