10 Simple Ways to Do Only Three Things Today

By 2008-02-04 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Do you do too much?

I’ve found that I get more done by focusing on only one major item per week.  I also have listed a couple of other items if I have time, because sometimes a project stops when I’m waiting for feedback or other people’s inputs so I jump to my next project.

Here is an excerpt of 10 simple ways to do only three things today:

# Choose them the night before. Plan your three tasks the night before, so you’re prepped for the day when you wake up. Then there’s no “urgent” stuff on the list, because you chose them when you were calm. It helps give you a jump-start on your day.
# Start on them immediately. First thing you do when you start working: start on the first of your three important tasks. Don’t do little things. Just start.
# Don’t check email until the first one’s done. There’s always the urge to dive into email (or whatever your normal productive distraction is at work), but resist. Let it be your reward for completing the first task on your list. Let your urge to be lazy motivate you to finish that task!

Lazy Productivity: 10 Simple Ways to Do Only Three Things Today | LifeRemix Blog